After a three month wait, Zen Film Productions is set to release yet another short film
saga under the Ouija series banner, which specifically delves into horror, mystery, and
the supernatural. After the local success of social awareness short films like The Power,
A Dark Tale, The Peril and more, Specter is set to take psychological terror to new
heights. The ten-minute film sees a public figure, played by filmmaker and CEO of Zen
Film Productions Zenofar Fathima, struggling to overcome her inner demons, as she
sets out to explore an unprecedented presence. The series is currently being filmed
during the Coronavirus outbreak with all safety precautions being adhered to, which is a
rare feat for most filmmakers at this time.
The series’ first episode is expected to premiere exclusively on Zee Cinemas Middle
East on Thursday, 16 th July at 11pm GST, and 12.30am IST. If you happen to miss it on
16 th July, you can catch it once again on 21 st July at 11.30am GST and 1am IST. You
can also catch the teaser on Zee Cinemas throughout the day, starting from next week
on the 14 th of July. The succeeding episodes of this saga will be released in due course
on other exclusive digital streaming platforms which are to be announced. The future
episodes will also feature a few local icons, who are bound to enthrall audiences with
their performances.
Apart from the Specter series slated for release, Zen Film Productions also has many
projects in the pipeline, one of which is a short film that sheds light on a frontliner’s life
during the pandemic. “I am really excited for all these new projects, as these are not
only unique in their approach, but are sure to be popular with audiences of all ages”,
says Zenofar. For more announcements on Specter and Zenofar’s future projects,
check out Zenofar Fathima’s official Instagram @zenofar_fathima or Facebook
@Zen.Today.Dxb. social media pages.