You can now sleep in Dubai Mall

You can now sleep in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has launched a Sleep Pod Lounge, where tired shoppers can take a nap by the hour throughout the day.

Dubai Mall Nap Pod

Whether you want a power nap, or just to lie back and relax, you can rent a pod starting at Dh40 per hour with an extra Dh10 for a pillow.

Dubai Mall Sleep Pod

The sleeping pods are each equipped with adapters and USB ports to charge your phone.

Sleep pod

There are around 12 of them and they are located in the Level 2 Grand Parking.

Here’s how much a nap will cost you:

1 Hour: Dh40

2 Hours: Dh75

3 Hours: Dh95

Additional Hour: Dh20

Rental Pillow: Dh10

It is now open and available to use.