11 Upcoming Events

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In Atrium 6, see works by Mexican painter and craftsman Bernardo Rosendo. He is considered one of the most important artists in Olinala

The exhibition features 40 works of art by Dubai school children, aged between 10 and 13

Her photographs chronicle a personal yet hallucinatory view of life in the UAE

The works are comprised of organic and natural materials like rubber, cotton, spices, twigs, gold and natural dyes, spread across the room to varying effects

Starting 7 March, the series will be showcasing two works – ‘Emergent structures: relative noise, planar landscape and capital mass’ by Seher Shah

The Mountain, this March. The film, which is shown across five screens, was formerly part of a multi-sensory experience

Showcasing both new and site-specific works, the exhibition, titled ‘TIBE NOW: Free Drinks, Boots and Tickets to the Apocalypse

‘Tribute to Women’, which will showcase a diversity of style and techniques by artists from across the world.

These paintings are created in mirrored pairs, forging a tension between form, colour, abstraction and originality

Downtown Dubai is hosting a free pop-up cinema with food trucks and beanbags for everyone to kick it back in the urban outdoors.

The collection dives into conversations of displacement, time and the entanglements of life