Seher Shah and Randhir Singh at Jameel Arts Centre

The Artist’s Rooms at Jameel Arts Centre is a series of solo exhibitions by creative artists from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Starting 7 March, the series will be showcasing two works – ‘Emergent structures: relative noise, planar landscape and capital mass’ by Seher Shah and ‘Studies in form’ by photographer Randhir Singh.

New Dehli-based Seher Shah’s drawings, prints and sculptures investigate the notions of space, landscape, objects and aesthetics. Her works have been featured in galleries around the world, including Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Randhir Singh is an architect who spends his free time pursuing his love for photography. Much of his work draws from his experiences as an architect, focusing on topics related to architecture and urbanism. His featured work at The Artist’s Room comprises a series of cyanotype prints, exploring the overlapping tropes in architecture, photography, drawing and printmaking.