Laughter Night with Biswa Kalyan Rath

One half of the hilarious duo behind the viral sensation “Pretentious Movie Reviews,” Biswa Kalyan Rath is headlining festivities at the latest Front Row Laughter Nights. The former IIT pro has turned the tables and made comedy his calling, blending mathematics with his own quirks and unique perspectives.

Rath has entertained a widely successful career as one of the most followed comedians in India. A prolific performer, the comic has carved out a niche world in stand-up with over 1000 shows worldwide and 14 million views on YouTube. He recently released his comedy special ‘Biswa Mast Aadmi’ to immense praise.

Rath’s show will be opened by a slew of hysterical performers to fire up the crowd. Get ready for a night of roaring laughter with some of India’s rising comics like Varun Bhatia, Sundeep and T-Bone, who will bring their own sensibilities to the stage at Emirates Theatre.