Asad Raza Khan, a Pakistani actor, writer, and producer based in Dubai

Asad Raza Khan, a Pakistani actor, writer, and producer based in Dubai. He has starred in Bollywood Movies, Pakistani and Indian Advertisements, Independent/Festival Movies, and Theater. His latest Bollywood movie released in Nov 2017 globally and he got a lot of acclaim for it. He starred in Hamlet (Globe Theater), Sherlock Holmes, Prelude to a Kiss and many more international productions

Has won awards for Best Actor in Dubai, for both long and short version of theatre and film for the past 4 years running. He is the first person ever to do so in the country.

He was also listed in “Masala Magazine’s HOT 100 for 2018” and Esquire Magazine’s “Most Talented Asian in UAE” for 2017.

In May/June 2018 he did a tv show with Zee Tv called “Music Garage” in which he was the lead host for Season 1.

His recent movie Nazah (poster below) was selected for various film festivals across the world including Berlin Flash Film Festival, AAB International Film Festival, Calcutta Film Festival etc. He is nominated for Best Actor in the Berlin Festival which result will come to the end of August 2018.

He has a valid UAE, UK, and USA work permit. He is fluent in Urdu, Hindi, French, Arabic and English.

For any further enquiries feel free to call on +971559892480 and on this email address.

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